Experience the simplicity

Casa Balandra

Casa Balandra

Cami de Can Parrisco, 42 – 07141
Portol, Balearic Islands



Latitude: 39.62656365467224
Longitude: 2.7710104809419316


Casa Balandra is a creative residency & guest house on the island of Mallorca.

A space to share, create and celebrate conviviality. A space in which to enjoy every moment of the day, without the need to go anywhere or do anything other than what you are doing. Indulging truly in every meal, every conversation, every song… La Casa is crafted around this very concept; simple but significant moments. 

Art Residencies

Casa Balandra is a multi-disciplinary residency offering a community based, collaborative approach. Hosting six artists per residency, you will share a house on the island of Mallorca, Spain. With a community based approach, Casa Balandra brings together a group of creatives from different fields, encouraging an open exchange of ideas and work.

La Casa has 6 bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, living room, garden with swimming pool and 6 shared studio spaces all for the use of the residents. We assign studios and bedrooms based on each individual’s practice, but can accommodate changes once here. The house as a whole is a free creative space, so if you feel inspired by a certain corner, you may interact with it always respecting the house and the rest of the people sharing your space.

There is a daily fee of €37 a day. This goes towards running the house and the continuation of the residency program. In addition, we ask for a donation from each artist, which is to be an open conversation at all times between the artist and Casa Balandra staff. Donated artworks hang through the guest house, giving the spaces a visual memory of past residents. The resulting art collection also forms a valuable asset that can be sold over time to make space for new artworks and to help raise funds for the continuation of the residency program, supporting future artists like yourselves.

What´s included
The residency includes accommodation, studios and one weekly family meal.

Open studios
During your residency, we will have a midpoint open studios among the Casa Balandra staff and your fellow residents in which you to share your work and get feedback, and one final open studio in the form of an exhibition that will be open to the public.


A concept held up by three main pillars:
Food, Collaboration and Conviviality. Casa Balandra aims to be a platform for collaboration between creatives, involving passionate people in the field of cooking, art and design, resulting in a space, carefully curated
by a diverse community.

At Casa Balandra we want you to indulge in your surroundings.
The house has been filled with vintage pieces, local trinkets found at the markets, objects collected along travels and the traces of past artists we have hosted during our residencies.

We have created many areas around the garden where you can enjoy your glass of wine, ‘aperitivo’ or morning coffee. We encourage you to explore and make the house your home during your stay.

While you sleep with us, we want you to take the time to make things special and share moments with the people around you that are unique. Leave the doors open during the day, let the summer air enter the house, lounge by the pool, cook large family meals, play your favourite music throughout the house, light many candles and let them take you into the Mallorquin summer nights.

The position

Casa Balandra is a creative residency & guest house on the island of Mallorca.