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Casale Pinoni

Casale Pinoni

Via delle Chiesa ventottesima 514, San Pancrazio, 55100 Lucca (LU)

+39 333 272 1765
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Latitude: 43.906570603956865
Longitude: 10.552277927980358

Casale Pinoni


Casale Pinoni is an old Tuscan Casale renovated in respect of its most distinctive and original architecture.

A place nestled in the hills of Lucca, perfect for those who want to be surrounded by nature and take new energy from “her”.

The property

A breath of nature, culture, art and positive energy. 
Sited only 10km far from the medieval town of Lucca, Casale Pinoni is a place always in the matter. 
It’s not just the interior decor, not just the big garden, the swimming pool or the pieces of art that are inside: Casale Pinoni is at the same time a house to come, to stay and to live in.

With its 12 sleeps, it can accommodate groups of people that desire to spend time together surrounded by nature but also close to beautiful cities, mountains and the sea. 

The staff is always pleased to offer personalized experiences to the guests, but there are also some services that are included or can be accorded before the arrival.
Connected to Casale Pinoni, there’s also the cultural project “Nest in Nature”: a series of events, workshops and activities that tries to bring art and culture to as many people as we can.
The aim of Casale Pinoni is enabling people to forget the frenzy of daily life and, at the same time, to inspire them with art, culture and nature. 

Do you remember the famous saying “hic at nunc” of Romans? We believe that the Here and Now is a practice that helps the mind, the soul and the body to be restored. The only thing to do is to listen to your simple feelings and sensations. 

Maria Oliva, the owner of the house, has tried to realize her own philosophy in this place: 
“There are some houses that are not born to belong to only someone. Places that realizes theirself only if they’re shared and experienced by different people, each of which is able to make their mark. 
Casale Pinoni is one of these ones. A place builded to be always in evolution, whose soul is the soul of all of us. 
Casale helps me to feel. 
And for this reason it has been opened to everybody who wants to leave a trace of their passing.”



Casale has three stories:

  • The first is the one about the country building, a house for farmers who lived working in the villas of the noble families of the area. But also the one about the barn: the typical mandorlata at the third floor, preserved as in the origin, useful for letting the wind pass flow and dry the hay bales.

  • The second story starts from Maria Oliva, and her passion for house renovation with total respect of the territory and what was there before. We can perceive the purpose to “contaminate” a place with another by the design of the house itself, with the building and the garden both developed on three levels. Every place has sufficient features to be lived as a place with a natural continuum with the others or as an intimate and personal spot, with a precise identity and unique details. Even the furniture has evolved over the years thanks to Maria’s research of objects, drapery, books and unique furnishings able to invite people deepening their thoughts and at the same time relaxing their spirit.

  • The Third story is the one we track every day with our guests, artists and local producers who animate the villa. A story written by thousands of hands: the one we care about the most. 


Casale Pinoni is a few kilometers away from Lucca’s old town.
Lucca’s territory is extraordinary not only for its beauty, but also for its heterogeneity.
There are Appennini on the east and Apuanian alps standing out to the north of the Lucca plan too.

Hills are the leading actors of the country, everywhere around, covered with olive groves and vineyards, while the long golden beaches of Versilia are less than 20km away. 

Garfagnana mountains, with chestnut woods and ancient towns are the perfect place to rest your mind, but to have a jump back in the past also Lucca’s old town has a lot to offer to its visitors: medieval walls, narrow cobbled streets and over 100 churches. 

Lucca is also a perfect starting point to discover toscana. 

Situated at less than an hour drive from Florence and 30 minutes from Pisa, is a perfect place to stay while planning your next stop to discover our region.
In less than an hour you can reach Versilia’s beaches, Livorno’s reef and Garfagnana’s old towns, or choose between some trekking across Apuanian alps, with the typical Carrara marble quarries, and some effortless wine tastings in Bolgheri’s cellar.