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Poggio ai Santi

Poggio ai Santi

Via San Bartolo, 100
I-57027 San Vincenzo (LI)

+39 0565 798032


Latitude: 43.0944641144201
Longitude: 10.582313476129105

Tuscan soul

Ancient Rome had its hands full with Tuscany, which long opposed its domination. In the end, Rome conquered the Etruscan world but Tuscany maintains its identity within Italy: the land of the Renaissance, of music, of the arts, where even Nature submitted itself to harmony over the centuries. Everywhere in the world, Tuscany is as well known as Italy. What is often overlooked is that Tuscany also has a coast of over 500km and an archipelago of seven islands, of which Elba is only the best known. It is in this intrinsically Mediterranean setting that Poggio ai Santi has slowly conquered its unique place as a quality hotel. Positioned somewhere between the Wine Relais and the Boutique Hotel, Poggio ai Santi allows visitors to satisfy their desire for escape, for authenticity, and for discovering one of the richest heritages of humanity.


At Poggio an Santi, we see space and silence as true sources of comfort. You will not find here the typical signs of five star hotels, valet parking attendants, liveried bell hops or 24h reception desk (open 8 am to 8 pm). Rather, a team of young people in jeans who want to share with you their passion for this land: because Poggio ai Santi is simply the house where we have lived and where we live today. In the words of the illustrious Tuscan Leonardo da Vinci: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.”


Space: Poggio ai Santi offers over 7 acres of botanic gardens that continue into an olive grove and scrubs; part of over 80 acres of land hugging the hills, with the sea, Elba and Corsica as a backdrop. The swimming pool area with its rose garden offer a unique view of the promontory of Populonia, the ancient Etruscan city. The suites are also an open space, most of them with a veranda access. The Podere, the main building, is typical of Tuscan country houses: it contains the Il Sale restaurant and the Sal8 bar, as well as 4 suites on the first floor. The other suites are grouped on four different sites in the park, offering welcome privacy. Silence: thanks to the unique location of this hill, overlooking the sea, only 5 km from the beach and the motorway (45 minutes to Pisa airport and 75 minutes from Florence airport).


The large suites (75m²) are located in the villa, on the south side of the park, with one of the loveliest views of the region. The Stables offer three suites, directly overlooking the park. The Podere has four suites (including two Juniors), on the first floor.

Design and charme

Poggio ai Santi has developed harmoniously over the years: the suites are the result of renovations and new constructions: each has its own features, furnishings and decor. Our guests generally develop an attachment during their first stay and we try to guarantee them “their” suite year after year.


Francesca who does not count the time she spends in playing close attention to all the details of this vast property, has put her soul into these choices where aesthetics vies with well-being. The bathrooms in particular have needed time, effort and subtle choices of materials to achieve the great comfort they provide.


At the beginning of January 2020, as soon as the last customers had left, we had to imagine how to get the restaurant “Il Sale” back on its feet in April. The main concern for us was to find cooks who would be attentive to the ethics that we have imposed on ourselves for more than twenty years. Local production, tradition and quality, and above all the use of our resources, namely a one-hectare vegetable garden and an imposing farmyard are our milestones. The garden is home to botanical and animal species typical of Tuscany, and research is being carried out in conjunction with the University of Pisa to preserve local species.

Up to now, since 2006, it has never been possible to integrate the diversity of seasonal flows and irregular quantities into the kitchen: values from another time, undoubtedly tricky in these times of levelling down and systematic simplification. What we lacked were passion and a little reason.

As chance would have it, we were able to get in touch with a colleague from Castiglioncello: he mentioned a Japanese cook who had worked with them for many years and was passionate about Tuscan cuisine. Currently, in Milan, Shimpei and his partner Sayuri, were looking for a closer relationship with the sea and nature.

We met them, they came to discover Poggio ai Santi, and they remained fascinated by the potentiality of our projects. They also impressed us with their friendliness and their meticulous interest in the products and their processing. Shimpei and Sayuri are now in charge of the kitchen: they know how to listen, learn, understand and share. Both have a great mastery of their profession and a keen sense of the flavours and consistency of the dishes they prepare. Their plates (Sayuri is a great pastry chef) reveal our organic vegetables and meats, their intense flavours, to which they add herbs from our fields. A discovery: the tradition of our Tuscan dishes with a touch of Japanese perfume. With Shimpei and Sayuri, we will also add some Japanese dishes to our menu, during the week, for all our local customers. Our international guests will like a touch of exotism, to add to the quality and intensity of the flavours of the Maremma.

Bar Agricolo

Immersed in the beautiful park of the Relais Poggio ai Santi in an environment with a chic and vintage taste, you find “Bar’BQ agricultural IL SAL8.” It is not just a bar, nor just a barbecue but we can define it as a laboratory of ideas. A meeting place for free and curious minds. Refinement and eclecticism, but with a Maremma mood. Ideal place for an aperitif, a relaxing break and for a grilled meat.

Design and charme

Il Sal8 (ovvero “salotto”) è uno Slow Wine Bar, dove prevale la stessa filosofia che al ristorante, con cocktail derivati dai nostri sciroppi, verdure, frutti, erbe e spezie. Un rifugio per i curiosi e uno dei punti da dove ammirare il più bel tramonto sul mar Tirreno…

Mother Earth

Poggio ai Santi is also a farm run on principles of sustainability. Organic since 1995, the farm produces olive oil as well as vegetables for its own restaurant. Our greenhouses allow year-round production and the raising of small farm animals. And they contribute the majority of its electrical consumption thanks to 700 m of solar panels on their roof.

The position

Italy counts 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its borders, the most of any country on the World Heritage List. The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference on November 16, 1972, states that the organization is the official designator of these sites. All 50 sites have been, at one time or another, travel destinations for those seeking out history, art and culture in the Bel Paese. Renewed efforts by the Institutes to preserve these sites include the call to everyone to get to know them better. Here, you can begin a virtual journey into some of the most fascinating among them, those that evoke an experience rich in life, passions, and dreams. Twelve sites are between one and three hours drive from Poggio ai Santi.